Tech & Sizing

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Tech & Sizing

Tech & Sizing


size charts2



Men’s (cm)   S M L XL XXL
Chest   88-96 96-104 104-112 112-124 124-136
Waist   73-81 81-89 89-97 97-109 109-121
Hip   88-96 96-104 104-112 112-120 120-128
Regular Inseam   82.5 83 83.5 84 84.5
Short Inseam   77.5 78 78.5 79 79.5
Long Inseam   87.5 88 88.5 89.5 90
Women's (cm)   S M L XL  
Bust   83-90 90-97 97-104 104-114  
Waist   47-74 74-81 81-88 88-98  
Hip   91-98 98-105 105-112 112-120  
Regular Inseam   79.5 80 80.5  
Short Inseam   74.5 75 75.5  
Long Inseam   84.5 85 85.5  
Youth's (cm) XS S M L XL  
Chest 64.5-66 66-69 69-75 75-81.5 81.5-88.5  
Waist 59.5-61.5 61.5-65 65-69 69-72.5 72.5-75.5  
Hip 68.5-71 71-74.5 74.5-79.5 79.5-84.5 84.5-89.5  
EMEA Height 122-128 128-137 137-147 147-158 158-170  



Size XS S M L XL
US Shoe 13C-3Y 3Y-5Y 6-8 8-12 12-15
UK Shoe 12-2 2-5 5.5-7.5 8-11 11-14.5
Europe Shoe 30-34 34-38 38-42 42-48 48-50



nike fit system

dry fit
Pulls away sweat to help keep you dry and comfortable.
3-D construction helps keep you dry and reduces cling from sweat.
therma fit
Helps keep you warm and insulated.
storm fit
Helps keep you dry and comfortable in moderate weather conditions.
STORM-FIT 5, 10 & 20:
Helps keep you comfortable and dry in rain, sleet and snow. The seam-sealed, breathable fabric completely blocks wind and rain penetration at:
Up to 5,000mm of water pressure
Up to 10,000mm of water pressure
Up to 20,000mm of water pressure



wash instruct


Care for jerseys promptly. The sooner you pre-treat and launder the stained clothes, the better your results will be. Don’t allow mud or stains to set. Do not leave wet or dirty jerseys in football or gym bags, where smells and permanent stains can develop. If a stain is not removed in washing:

  1. Do not dry it. Dryer heat will set in the stain.
  2. Soak the stain in pre-wash. In the case of severe staining it may be necessary to apply a stain remover directly to the affected area. Then launder again.
  3. Do not dry a garment until the stain is removed because dryer heat will set the stain. Once the stain is removed lauder as per usual custom.


Pre-treat heavily soiled spots. Apply undiluted laundry detergent with a bleach alternative.

Pre-soak heavy stains. Soak stained items in a plastic bucket or laundry detergent with the warmest water safe for the fabric and a good laundry detergent for one to three hours. Sensitive stains should be rinsed in cold water, and then washed with a non-chlorine bleach product.

Pre-wash: Used for heavily soiled garments. Run through the pre-wash cycle with the recommended amount of detergent. When wash cycle is complete, drain the pre-wash solution and launder in the hottest water recommended by the manufacturer.




This NIKE TEAM Football catalogue has been created to offer a comprehensive view of products available for sale to teams. Whilst the information provided in this catalogue has been gathered and assembled with every effort made to ensure the accuracy of the content, Nike does not make any warranty in respect of this information. Nike reserves the right to change items in the product line or their individual specification at any time.